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on living with passion, beauty and dignity
volume 1
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In Lila Insights is a monthly publication of writings on philosophies of life, work, relationships, mind, and spirit. It is an abridged collection of words of guidance and wisdom inspired by some of the most insightful thinkers of human history.

Actualising Beauty

In Lila is a content collective that touches upon beauty, love, and art, the essence of which can be found in the full expression of health, compassion, self-actualisation, and community. To this end, In Lila creates and curates content in various media, such as writing, visual art, and music, in order to create a space of sharing and education that honours the refinement of beauty, both physical and immaterial, in all aspects of life.

Lila (लीला) is a Sanskrit word that is loosely translated as 'play.' The concept of Lila in non-dualist philosophical schools is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the manifestation of creative play by the divine consciousness (Brahman, the Self, the absolute.) Lila is free, spontaneous, and creative in every moment. All the world's a stage, the artist and the art, the dancer and the dance, as we weave timelessly through life and through death and back again. And so it goes.

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